Riff Axelerator

I’ve been working on a project for quite some time now called “Riff Axelerator”. The project is the the brainchild of Jason Vearing who I’ve know for probably over a decade.

Jason’s brilliant idea was to present licks in standard notation, tablature and audio (all linked) that the user can slow down or speed up as they require. That means when you’re learning a new lick, you get the chance to really dig into the nuances of what’s being played as well as being able to slow the lick down enough so that you can easily learn it at your own pace.

So far I’ve recorded two sets of licks, one in the style of Joe Satriani, and the other in the style of Steve Vai. Jason has prepared some great lessons around the licks I’ve created and recorded and he’s really broken them down into manageable steps which makes the who learning experience a whole lot more fun.

There’s many more styles and ITSO’s (in the style of) to come. So keep an eye out on the facebook page and on the  Riff Axelerator main site.

Guitar as a Voice II

Here’s an outstanding lesson in building excitement in a solo. Thank’s again Derek Trucks for another vocal, soaring solo that ratchets up the tension continuously and gracefully. Even Billy Gibbons thinks he’s on fire!



Guitar as a voice

Often when teaching improvisation I encourage my clients to try to be as ‘vocal’ as possible with their playing. Here’s an amazing example of what I’m talking about by master musician Derek Trucks:

Thanks for the link Keita!

Brisbanes #1 Hit Single

Ok, here’s the song that we wrote with the people of Brisbane for radio station B105. It will be posted on iTunes tomorrow and all the proceeds of sales will go to the Royal Brisbane Childrens Hospital Appeal. Please purchase tomorrow. All guitars are Axe-FXed of course…

B105 plays ‘My First Time’

The Brisbane Guitar Amp & Vintage Show

IMA Stand 002

Originally uploaded by fluid21_7

Two weekends ago we were at the Brisbane Guitar Amp & Vintage Show. We spent 2 days meeting really lovely people, talking to lots of guitarists about music tuition and doing a great deal of playing at people.

A big thanks to Craig and Reece from (and all of the people who helped them) for putting on a great show, we’re looking forward to next years show already.

Pete Cornish Cable

Pete Cornish Cable

When I think of great tone I tend to think of artists like Brian May, Dave Gilmour, Jimmy Page and Mark Knopfler. What sort of guitar cable do they (and many more) use? Pete Cornish Cable, that’s what.

Cable is often forgotten or ignored in the tone equation, and that’s a big mistake. Good quality cable can make a world of difference in what comes out of your amp (or P.A).

I recently purchased some Pete Cornish cable after doing some research on what would be the best cable to buy, and have be extremely impressed by how good it is. I was expecting great things, but this cable far exceeded my expectations.

So next time you have the chance, grab a few different guitar cables and compare them, you’ll be surprised at how much difference there is in your sound, and if you take my advice, go and find some high quality cable (which usually comes with a lifetime warranty) and enjoy you guitar (or bass playing) that much more.

BIMA Ad Parody

I’m currently in the proccess of ripping my CD collection and discovered this hidden track on one of our old band CDs. I’d completely forgotten about it and thought it was amusing enough to incude here. It was from back when we were still calling ourselves BIMA.


While I was reading a post about Keanu Reeves on Slashdot, I was reminded of a song our old band Taxi recorded (but never released). This is one of Seamus’ classics and I’m sure he won’t mind me including it here. The song comes with a language warning…..