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This is the music teaching company that I own along with my business partner Seamus Kirkpatrick. Where we sell Axe-Fx's and Atomic Amps as well as the rest of our carefully selected product range. Manufacturers of the Axe-Fx and Atomic Amps. Chris Melville manufactures absolutely amazing acoustic guitars. He also does repairs and setups of the highest quality. I trust no one else but Chris with my setups and repairs. Chris Kinman makes the finest single coil pickups in the world bar none. John Ratajczyk has been repairing valve amplifiers for something like 33 years. His knowledge of valve amplifiers and how they work is encyclopedic. I've been using a pair of custom built Ratajczyk amplifiers for 8 years now and every day that I use them I'm impressed more and more by their tonal qualities and clarity. is a great place to store your bookmarks that you want to share with other people. A good description of how it all works can be found here. Flickr is a great way to store your photos online in such a way that you can control who can view them. You can make photos public or private and setup groups of people who are allowed to view your private photos.